Pottery is an ancient art form which has recently been enjoying a surge in popularity. Whether it’s throwing pots on a wheel or using traditional hand techniques techniques, working with clay offers a wealth of different processes that give you the opportunity to create unique, tangible and functional artworks to take home and show off to friends and families!

This hands on pottery experience will introduce beginners to the magic of throwing clay on a potters wheel in a small intimate setting.


No experience necessary.


Guests will get the opportunity to throw three times beginning with a small cup, to a bowl, and ultimately to a vase or other items you wish to create. After creating your pieces, we will then move to adding details by carving on your pot. Make sure to carve your initials so you don’t forget which item is yours! Before leaving the studio, you will be given the option to select your preferred color for glazing. We will then fire your pot, and after 7 days you can come back to the studio to pick it up and bring home! 


Pottery can be both relaxing and therapeutic, as well as hugely enjoyable!


Each session of Pottery Experience cost $30/person which includes clay needed, tools for carving, glazing and firing, two servings beverage and whole pack of amazing fun!


You can select your preferred time slot in our booking page by clicking the button below:

Aprons are supplied but please wear comfortable and casual clothing that you won’t mind possibly getting clay on.