From the way we see it,


They say…

“if you cannot tell the truth about yourself,

you can’t tell it about other people.”

Day to day, we express ourselves.

in the clothes we wear.

the music we dance to.

the light of loved ones.

the colors we paint.

It’s an ability

made from







a story to tell

fragment of life.

Fragments is a open arts exhibition that encourages story telling through a circular canvas that highlights an individuals most memorable person, place, object, or experience in their lifetime.

FRAGMENTS is open for

everyone and any walks of life.

When is the Event?

From March 1 – March 31, participants can come to TAB studio from 10AM until 7PM to work on their artwork.

The Fragments grand reveal final schedule will be announced before the end of March.

How do I Join?

Each entry costs $25 which includes your very own round canvas to create your own Fragment.

You will be given free access to The Art Bar art tools and material as well as unlimited guidance from our talented artists.

What’s in it for me?

Art isn’t just about what you see. It is about what others can see from it. The goal is to bring close a community of creative and open minded story teller.

Not only will you become a permanent part of Phnom Penh’s very first open sourced art installation, but you will also have the chance to have your artwork and name featured prominently nationwide, and have your story heard by millions.

And of course you get to keep your own art piece after the grand reveal!

Do I have to be an artist to join?

Absolutely not! Everyone of us have a story to tell, and the world to listen. No painting experience? No problem! We will guide you along the way.

That’s great! How do I join?

Reserve your own Fragment now as slots are limited!