Want to take your artistic skills to the next level?

The Art Bar’s Art Foundation Course is designed to allow students the opportunity to extend and develop their artistic skill base. The course covers the key foundational principles that underly artwork and it’s creation. You’ll discover the core fundamentals you need to know in order to be effective at learning to create artworks in different mediums and disciplines, be it digital or traditional.

It is intended they gain a fundamental understanding and knowledge regarding the use of different art media, and materials to make an informed series of artworks that explore through observational exercises and experimental techniques.

Our foundation course is designed with your lifestyle in mind. You are free to select the topics that you are most interested in, and we can tailor-make a class specifically designed for you and your specific interests.

A full Art Foundation Course will cover the below Subjects:

  • Acrylics – Color Theory
  • Acrylics – Typography
  • Acrylics – Large canvas painting fundamentals
  • Sketching – Landscape
  • Sketching – Figure Drawing Writing an Artist Statement
  • Street Art – Stencils
  • Street Art – Grafitti
  • Photography – Basics
  • Photography – Portrait
  • Photography – Landscape
  • Sculpture – Molding Clay
  • Finale – Open Studio Exhibition

Subjects At A Glance

Acrylics – Color Theory (Duration: 4 hours)

Color Scheme is arguably the most important in visual arts. Learn the basics of the color wheel and create color combinations to make your artwork come to life.

Acrylics – Typography (Duration: 4 hours)

Using the basic knowledge of color theory. Typography class combines two languages, text, and color scheme to successfully communicate to the audience.

Acrylics – Large Canvas (Duration: 5 hours)

Execute your own concept into a large canvas with all the tools you’ve learned in the course.

Sketching – Landscape (Duration: 3 hours)

Learn how to quickly capture the essence and richness of a landscape like an artist.

Sketching – Figure Drawing (Duration: 3 hours)

Learn using the simple yet powerful tools like pencil and charcoal. Learn the importance of how light reveals the form, and how to effectively render the lights and the shadows.

Street Art – Stencils (Duration: 4 hours)

Taking Premade graphics and learning their build. Creating a simple graphic from image start to finish.

Street Art – Graffiti (Duration: 4 hours)

Learn to get your voice out in the street out of the simplest tools and materials. Basics of Stencil techniques and Sticker making.

Photography – Basics (Duration: 2 hours)

Learn the basics of camera settings, composition, lighting, framing, color, and editing.

Photography – Portrait (Duration: 2 hours)

Learn how to take beautiful portraits for personal, wedding, fashion, among others.

Photography – Landscape (Duration: 2 hours)

Learn to take breath taking landscape and architectural shots.

Sculpture – Molding Clay (Duration: 2.5 hours)

Clay, wires and plaster basics. Learn to create ceramics, clay sculpture, and stage props.

Finale – Open Studio Exhibition (Duration: 2 days)

An Open Studio is intended to foster creativity and encourage experimentation in an atmosphere of cultural exchange, conversation, encouragement, and freedom of expression.


Subjects and schedules can be totally flexible depending on your needs.

Please drop by our studio and let’s discuss what interests you, what you want to get out of the foundation course, and we can fully customize our offering in order to maximize your learning and time invested in the course.